Give A F**K

In a time when "not caring" or "not giving a fuck" isn't cool anymore—giving a fuck is the new black. That's why we created a campaign for Trojan (a condom brand) called Give A F**k. Through the campaign we asked people to stand up for what they care about and to protect it, because making love and protection is what Trojan does best.



Some may say that they don’t care or have zero f**ks to give.
We know that everyone gives a f**k about something.
Standing up for something and having a purpose makes you, you.
So whether it’s caring about your looks, your health, family and friends,
the environment, or someone you love—let it be known.
Stand up for yourself and things that matter, and make sure you protect them.
The moment you take out a Trojan Condom you show that you care about
other people and yourself. Because let’s be real.
No one wears a condom for fun, it’s because you Give A F**k.




Agency SapientRazorfish
Jamie Perruquet
Carl von der Lancken
Kim Davies Concepcion